Style Diary Entries

Welcome to My Style Diary!

As my website suggests, this is a safe space for all who are decor obsessed to come together and discuss all things interior design. My name is Asia and I'm so excited to have you along for the ride as I share the interior design knowledge I've gained so far.


                      My Style Origin Story

Home is where the heart is, which is why I believe making your home beautiful and welcoming is so important for overall happiness and wellbeing. A thoughtfully designed interior can lift your mood, inspire creativity, and provide a soothing sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life.

Over the years I've picked up plenty of interior design tips and tricks that have helped transform my home. My mom always kept our home beautiful. She had glass planters, a black and gold dining table that was always set, and cream furniture. As rough as we played, we never broke a glass table or destroyed any of her furniture. I didn't appreciate how hard she worked to keep us in a beautiful home until I left for the military at 17. Since I've started my own family (we are a military family), I’ve always tried to make every new place feel as homely as possible. From small DIY projects like giving furniture and accents a makeover with paint to learning how to arrange furniture and decor in a harmonious flow, it's been a rewarding journey.

In this blog, I plan on covering a wide range of interior design topics including:


  • Creative room layouts and furniture arranging advice
  • How to pick cohesive color schemes and patterns
  • Lighting design tips for beautiful, functional spaces
  • Styling coffee tables, console tables, shelves and other areas
  • Incorporating greenery through houseplants and floral arrangements
  • Seasonal home decorating ideas
  • Recommendations for timeless, investment-worthy furniture and decor
  • Shopping tips and where to find affordable home accents

My goal is to provide inspiration and actionable tips to help you confidently design a heartwarming home that reflects your personal style. I believe achievable interior design is within everyone's reach. With creativity and the right guidance, you can transform any space no matter your budget or skill level.

So stay a while! I can't wait to connect with fellow decor lovers and share my interior design knowledge and passion with you. Let's make our homes unforgettably beautiful, one room at a time.

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